Design & Research


Influenced by Bruno Latour, Peter-Paul Verbeek, and Donna Haraway, my work revolves around how everyday smart technologies mediate human action, perception, and social practices.

Small Data Explorations

Design provocations exploring the novel concept of Small Data.

Polyphonic & Ecoverse

Reimagine domestic voice assistants: Speculating about future scenarios.

Exhibition Design

Showcasing Polyphonic & Ecoverse at the Henry Gallery, Seattle Washington, US.

Maid, Friend, or Master?

Research through design inquiry that critiques the sexist characteristics of domestic voice agents.

Smart Technologies & Social Dynamics

Research on surveillance, trust, ethics, and privacy tensions with everyday smart sensing devices within a domestic setting.

Moral Thinking Toolkit

A design educational tool that teaches about artificial intelligence and ethics.

Phenomenology & Design Research

Essay on how Phenomenology can be used as an epistemological resource in design research.

Politics of Dark Patterns

An analytical essay that explores the relationship between design, dark patterns, and sociopolitical power dynamics.

Masculinity &
Emotional Intimacy

A participatory design approach to facilitate the disclosure of  vulnerable emotions among cis-gender heterosexual men.


Market Analysis &
‍Portfolio Strategy

SWICA Activo

Research & Strategy
UI & UX Design

Norlha Textiles

Communication Design
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